Aaron Mazarati

Coming out of Portland, OR as the representative of the Northwest (not Kim & Kanye's), Aaron Mazarati is the latest addition to the ranks of talented modern hip-hop artists & multi-genre songwriters in Los Angeles. Influenced by so many musical aspects, you get a Pop/Rock/Electronic/Rap vibe within a completely original, condensed-lyric approach. 

A little backgroud check on this young man:

At the age of 14, his dear grandmother was terribly taken from him and his family. To cope with the devistating loss, Aaron took on an interest in poetic expression as his method of therapy. Poetry ultimately led to his passion in professional creative writing, in which he achieved a degree in Journalism/Advertising  from the University of Oregon. It was there in college he discovered all his writing material could be converted to song prose. With this realisation, it also resparked his natural draw to creating beautiful music...As a youngster, Aaron sang for his church choir, church band, school band, (trumpet, trombone, percussion, guitar) and it all came with no struggle. His discovery in his tucked away talent has lead to a three EP's, three mixtapes, and numerous collaborations with producers, engineers, and artists from all over.

Just some of his accomplishments so far:

-6 song placements in 2 Universal Studios films: “Kissing Strangers” & “Who’s Driving Doug”

-Performances at some of Los Angeles’ most legendary venues: Whisky A Go-Go, House of Blues, The Roxy…

-Residency performer at Santa Monica’s O’Brien’s Irish Pub & Hollywood’s Vaucluse Lounge

-Constantly increasing sales on every major music outlet (iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby, Google Play, Amazon MP3, etc..)

-Own Publishing company: Mazarati Music Entertainment.

-Own Label: CEO, Mazarati Music Group.

-ASCAP Member

-50+ recorded song catalog. 3 EPs, 3 Mixtapes, 9 features, and these numbers continue to grow rapidly.

To say Aaron Mazarati is ready, would be a huge understatement. After being the hardest working artist in 2015, there's no limit to what this kid can do this year.